About Us

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US Dynamics is a firm exclusively focused on commercializing innovation.

We’ve built our business innovating concurrently in products & processes, in both supply chains and channels to market. This is a regime where cookie-cutter solutions fail, but we have a consistent track record of delivering innovative solutions & rapid results.

At our core, we are team of entrepreneurs, engineers and operating professionals passionate about three things:

  • Bringing innovative new products and services to market
  • Driving launches through existing supply chains and leveraging others capabilities wherever possible
  • Building a track record of success and positive relationships along the way

The optimal path to a successful launch varies with each and every market opportunity – there are no cookie-cutter solutions. We have worked with well-established companies  and start-ups to bring new products and technologies to market. But we have also launched products and even new businesses ourselves around new technology brought to us for development.


We bring deep domain experience across a range of industries, and have focused in three primary practice areas:

  • SaaS and E-Commerce
  • Renewable Energy
  • Security & Medical


What ties together all of our efforts is the launch of innovative new products and services. So we’re comfortable in a world of changing priorities and short-term deadlines. We understand that cash is always tight in launching a product, because we’ve been there ourselves. We understand how to position opportunities for investment because we’ve both invested and raised funding ourselves. We also know how and when to position an opportunity for sale – when the value of an opportunity to an outside party is likely to be higher than can be realized by the current owners.

We have lived through and understand industry life cycles. We’ve seen disruptive products enter markets, and we’ve helped disrupt multiple sectors ourselves. We are passionate about the types of products that redefine industries from a cost perspective – opening markets to new clients, and changing the industry landscape.We have deep experience in both driving organic growth and identifying and executing on synergistic acquisitions.

Launching disruptive products and services rarely occurs without deep cooperation across an entire supply chain. We’re comfortable in a world where the answer is not in engineering, marketing or finance, but in a blend of disciplines. Our team encompasses broad experience across a wide range of industries – from semiconductors to wood pellets to telecom – and our network of industry contacts is unmatched.  When it comes to building the partnerships and relationships required to get a product out into the world, our ability to reach decision-makers and “make it happen” is our trademark.