Launch Experience


When it Counts Most

Whether launching a new product, a new business model, or an entirely new company – experience counts.

US Dynamics and its principals have been involved in a variety of initiatives with a common theme – bringing new solutions to market rapidly, and with the deepest possible penetration.

Areas of Experience

  • Clean Technologies / Renewable Energy
  • E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies
  • Consumer, Medical & Safety

Breaking the Mold

We know cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for new ventures. Whether at a startup or within an established business, flexibility to adapt to rapidly-evolving needs is key to the success.

US Dynamics and its principals have played a variety of roles in these launches:

  • We have worked within existing companies to launch new products, initiatives and ventures.
  • We have worked alongside outside companies to assist them with their launches.
  • We have launched ventures ourselves and created new companies.


A Portfolio of Execution

A Track Record of Successful Commercialization






Renewable Energy

CleanTech Solutions for consumers and businesses.

Security & Medical

Strategic Launches with an operational focus

Web & Mobile

Innovative Solutions moved rapidly to market