Our Leadership Team

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Jonathan M. Strimling
Founder and Chairman

Jon Strimling has 20 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur, largely focused on the commercialization of innovative products and services.

Mr. Strimling’s experience spans a variety of industries, and often lies at the intersection of new technology and market opportunities. Most recently, he led the turnaround of an online SaaS marketing services provider, SMTP (NASDAQ: SMTP), where he more than doubled revenues and more than quintupled revenue growth in two years. He previously spun two CleanTech ventures out of US Dynamics, WoodPellets.com and UltraCell Insulation, and has also worked to support the launch of other SaaS businesses, such as Kwicr (mobile connectivity) and SportsWare Online. His early career background includes driving operational innovation at GE Aircraft Engines, commercializing new renewable energy and water systems at DEKA Research & Development, and a variety of senior operating roles with American Industrial Partners.

Mr. Strimling’s education includes Masters Degrees in Engineering and Management from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. Mr. Strimling is a graduate of General Electric’s Engineering Development Program, and has served on the boards of SMTP (NASDAQ: SMTP), American Biomass Corporation, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, The Alliance for Green Heat, SunPower Corporation, and was a governor’s appointee to New Hampshire’s Economic Strategy Commission.


David Fanger

David Fanger has 30 years semiconductor experience with roles in strategic supply chain management, operations, process and yield engineering, forecast modeling, new business enablement, operations, technology transfer and technology development.

In his previous role at Intel Mr. Fanger managed a 150+ person world-wide Fab supply chain planning department with 16 distinct operations in 6 countries. Responsibilities included supply/demand alignment, establishment and improvement of metrics, business process improvement, employee development, and Lean cultural transition.  He understood the needs of stakeholders and employees, improved organizational health, developed managers and employees, started up and closed operations when necessary. Stakeholders included corporate supply chain planning & logistics, Fab GM, all factory managers, division planning, and assembly planning.

 As the manager of a supply demand alignment team he implemented a Lean organizational cultural transformation, and owned a planning analytics team that was responsible for the monthly planning reset cycle, the Office Lean transformation of a 750 person organization, and the improvement of analytics/visualizations in the operations group.  Prior roles included analytical lab, metallization engineering, lithography, process integration, process technology transfer, and chair of an international manufacturing conference.

 Mr. Fanger is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Sloan School of Management with Masters degrees in both Engineering and Management.



Chip MacDonald

Chip MacDonald has 25 years of experience managing product and manufacturing organizations, with a background in production and supply chain operations, product development, sales and marketing, and customer operations.

One of the founding managers of Segway, Mr. MacDonald drove manufacturability and reliability into the design and developed the production facilities, team, and processes as this new technology launched under much scrutiny.  In subsequent roles, Chip developed a scalable delivery model that allowed Segway sales through multiple channels, and grew and led Segway’s successful global police and governement market.

At other times in his career, Mr. MacDonald has managed International Paper converting facilities of 200+ employees, led the supply chain and logistics operations for Cambridge, MA start-up Active Control eXperts, and served as General Manager for equipment manufacturer Allen Datagraph Systems.

Mr. MacDonald is a graduate of the dual-degree Leaders for Global Operations fellowship program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Sloan School of Management, with Masters degrees in both Engineering and Management.


Randell Drane

Randell Drane has 20 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer working in a variety of industries from semiconductors to biomass and from power and process piping to medical products.

He has provided engineering and design services to a diverse client base since he started his own consulting company in 1997.  Services have included piping stress analysis and support design, power plant heat balances, proformas, piping network analysis, code stress analysis for piping and building codes, production automation, product design and documentation, finite element analysis, part sourcing, prototyping and machining.  Mr. Drane has developed software for analysis of complex systems using VISIO and Excel.  His experience as a machinist and training in Design for Manufacturability help ground his designs in a cost conscious reality defined by the production volume associated with any given project.

Mr. Drane is entrepreneurial by nature.  He flourishes in small teams developing truly new components and systems where the established mantra is that it can’t be done.  This challenge serves to motivate his efforts to whatever is necessary to get the job done in a timely, cost efficient and customer focused manner.

Mr. Drane earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University, and is a registered Professional Engineer with the State of Massachusetts.



Mark MacLean

Mark MacLean has 20 years of experience delivering results and leading high-performing teams in marketing, operations, and business development.

He co-founded WoodPellets.com with Mr. Strimling and served as the company’s General Manager for six years, managing day-to-day operations.  He helped increase web conversion rates and improve marketing campaign effectiveness through data-driven methods, while building the supply and logistics networks necessary to deliver high quality products and services at the lowest possible costs.

Mr. MacLean’s background includes leading purchasing and manufacturing teams where he drove improvements through the application of lean production methods, and as a software product manager where he managed the full product life cycle and all marketing efforts for several product lines.

Mr. Maclean began his career as a nuclear officer in the U.S. Navy.  He holds Masters Degrees from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the Institute’s Mechanical Engineering program.