A History of Innovation

U.S. Dynamics traces its roots to 1953, when Dr. W.E. Strimling founded the firm. Within two years, the firm had grown to 100 people and was producing silicon diodes and power rectifiers for commercial and military applications.

The company’s innovative spirit allowed the firm to pioneer not only the devices themselves, but US Dynamics also became an important supplier of semiconductor test and fabrication equipment, building some of the earliest equipment to draw silicon wafers. Eventually, US Dynamics broadened its services to encompass gas purification systems, supplying companies such as Intel, IBM and the US military.

US Dynamics has now divested of its semiconductor fabrication division, though that heritage of innovation has carried forward.


A Tradition That Lives On


A second generation of entrepreneurship commenced in 2006, when Jonathan Strimling assumed leadership of the firm.

Over the course of the next several years, US Dynamics has helped to launch a number of innovative technologies in renewable energy, security, medical and mobile communications markets. The company’s unique focus on the critical period between successful product demonstration and commercial launch has propelled its growth and synergistic relationships with other firms.

The company has been involved in or led initiatives to bring to market opportunities to market, which tie together multiple technologies, such as the application of cutting-edge wireless communications technology to emerging markets in security and medical systems. Along the way, US Dynamics has spun out two renewable energy firms and helped over a dozen firms succeed in launching new products and services.

US Dynamics continues to commercialize innovative products across all sectors of its business, with a focus on disruptive low-cost solutions that address broad market needs.