Launch of an Industry Leader

US Dynamics launched the dominant online retailer of pellet heating fuel, The company recognized latent demand for high quality delivered fuels, and a growing consumer adoption of renewable heating. US Dynamics worked to assemble a leadership team, provided capital to prove the concept, and then raised over $15M in external capital to make this vision a reality.

In just two years, the company established a supply chain capable of delivering over 50 million pounds of product annually to tens of thousands of customers in 16 states. Over 98% of the company’s customers indicate they will refer friends, and the company earns a significant premium for fuels that are widely recognized as having superior quality and uniformity.


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Innovative LED Lighting Solutions

Fusion Optix provides innovative lighting and light management
solutions, with a focus on LED illumination. The company provides
customized solutions and leverages an extensive arsenal of intellectual property. Some of the early capital that helped Fusion Optix was provided by a US Dynamics principal. The company was recently honored as a Red Herring’s Top 100 Startups, as well as the Fastest Growing Manufacturer in New England in 2012.


Innovation in Insulation

UltraCell is working to commercialize a technology related to the production of an advanced cellulose insulation. Our patented process can help produce cellulose insulation with distinct performance advantages.

Cellulose insulation is a rapidly growing form of insulation, and has been displacing fiberglass insulation for years, due to its superior thermal performance. US Dynamics was involved in crafting an initial strategy for UltraCell with a predecessor firm, and is taking a lead role on the launch of this technology.


Experts in Biomass-Related Industries

Biomass Industry Advisors brings together a team of industry professionals, with deep expertise in domestic and international biomass production and trade. BIA advises clients in a range of relationships, including supporting strategic planning, site selection, engineering, financing, and developing channels to market.

Next Generation Co-Gen and Innovative Solar

US Dynamics was retained in a consulting role to provide a thorough and comprehensive market assessment of the potential applications of a unique co-generation technology developed by a confidential client. One of our principals subsequently served on the company’s board of directors, as the technology was successfully launched in Europe and is currently being piloted with several European utilities.