Kwicr – Formerly Q-Factor Communications

Kwicr’s unique Dynamic Packet Recovery technology provides the fastest available transmission of video to mobile devices and has now been acquired by InstartLogic.

The ability to stream data in real time is critical in security and medical applications, as is the requirement to minimize bandwidth consumption. Kwicr’s technology dramatically reduces stalls caused by lost packets, as packets are actually recreated in real time on the receiving end of a transmission, through the company’s patented software coding algorithms.It is particularly advantageous in environments where large numbers of devices operate concurrently.

The technology is applicable to security transmissions on any mobile device, and operates seamlessly across 3G, 4G LTE and wireless networks.


 Innovative Security Systems

Innovative Security Systems is in the business of applying emerging technological innovations to make people and families safer. Our novel technologies complement existing security systems, but interact in new ways. We provide both cost savings and features for enhanced security.

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, physical security has lagged in both technology adoption and integration. The marriage of emerging SaaS technologies with breakthroughs in physical hardware technology creates new and emerging opportunities, and US Dynamics is deeply engaged in understanding how those worlds will intersect and evolve.


TechLok’s innovative solution for the protection of laptops and other mobile devices gives consumers and businesses an unprecedented level of control over their personal electronics.

We’ve all worried about laptop theft in areas, or about losing our cell phone as we traveled. These are issues that are addressed elegantly with a simple, inexpensive system under development by TechLok.

US Dynamics is acting as an advisor to TechLok in the launch of this new technology, and is working in an advisory role on issues ranging from the management of intellectual property to strategic partnerships.


Computer Sports Medicine, Inc. 

CSMi makes a range of equipment serving the physical therapy market, and is the number two player worldwide in the supply of extremity test systems, selling throughout the US, Europe and Asia and leveraging the latest in controland sensor technology

We have worked closely withthe firm to analyze a range of potential opportunities, including competitive assessments and operational reviews. Our joint efforts resulted in clearly prioritized development plans and the launch of two focused new product initiatives, which are achieving significant traction in their respective markets.

The Re-Launch of Sportsware Online 

The market leader in sports injury management, Sportsware Online’s injury tracking software has managed the treatment of over 1 million injured athletes at schools across the country. US Dynamics was retained to develop the company’s growth strategy, which involved a major new product release, and the company’s entry into a strategic new market sector. The new version of SporsWare, unveiled at the 2012 NATA Show was an instant market success.