A Specific Focus on Disruptive Innovation

Cost-Advantaged Innovation

While many technologies aim to be innovative, our focus has been on “disruptive innovations” as have been defined by Clay Christensen and others – those innovations that reinvent cost structures and open new markets.

  • New cost structures open new markets
  • New markets permit additional economies of scale
  • Network economies create unexpected tipping points
Often these technologies involve new intellectual property and breakthrough business models and we have developed significant experience in each area.

Examples of Disruptive Innovation

US Dynamics has a long history of disruptive innovation, dating back literally to the 1950’s.
These innovations have included:
  • Fusion Optix – MIT spinout of low cost optical diffusers, now forward integrating into rapidly growing LED market
  • Q Factor’s software solution for enhancing mobile connectivity
  • TechLok’s patent-pending USB lock for laptops
  • ProCell’s low cost, high performance insulation
  • WoodPellets.com radical, patented distribution scheme
  • SunPowers linear compressors (now in 97+ refrigerators)
  • CSMi’s novel linkage for patient ambulatory evaluations
  • LocaModa’s Web Outdoors 2.0 interactive billboard strategy
  • US Dynamics early patents in artificial heart technology
  • Early production of diodes, rectifiers and silicon fabrication equipment

Models of Disruptive Innovation

(Excerpted from Clayton Christensen’s works)


Examples of Disruptive Innovation


Team’s Additional History / Background in Innovation

The current team also brings a long history of disruptive innovations across a range of industries, before pooling their talents at US Dynamics.
These innovations have included:
  • SMTP & SharpSpring’s rapid emergence as a leader in marketing automation
  • Intel’s strategies defending against disruptive innovation
  • Launch of synthetic wine corks
  • First long lengths of superconducting wire
  • Launch of Segway Human Transporter
  • Development of disruptive test equipment for VoIP calling